باشگاه حرفه ای ورزشی سورینت
(راه آهن)
نخستین باشگاه ورزشی ایران
تاسیس 1316

History of the Club

Sorinet Sports Club

The first Iranian Sports Club

List of Commercial Plan:

1. History of the Club
2. Glories of the Club
3. Identity of the Club
4. Specifications of the Club
5. Mission Vision of the Club
6. Ethnical Values Statement of the Club
7. Long-Term Strategy & Aims of the Club 
8. Operational, Aims & Programs of the Club
9. Financial Statement (Loss, Profit & Balance Sheet of Club in Fiscal Year 2011)
10. Financial Budget Predicted (in Fiscal Year 2012) 
11. Specifications of Team Members of Cultural Sports Club Based on the Club Chart
12. Club Organizational Chart

1.    History: 

Rah Ahan Sports Club is one of the oldest sports club in Iran which has introduced more than 100 national football players to the football team of Iran in various classes only in the field of football. Popularity of Rah Ahan Club in the sports is more due to the training talented players than the gained places which has occurred in this club within the past 5 decades. Establishment of Rah Ahan Club in the sports of Iran occurred in 1937 when the first sports teams of the Rah Ahan were established. The history of Rah Ahan club and Football team is divided into two separate Periods:

Period of Formation & Dissolution

The first Period is related to the period before the Second World War when the Rah Ahan Team participated in 3 championship games of Tehran Clubs. Following establishment of the team in 1937, this team participated in the championship games of Tehran clubs in 1939 for the first time. The season 1939-1940 of Tehran Clubs began since 4 January 1940 and Rah Ahan team played with Bazargani Team in its first official game and won the game with the result of 11-0. In 1940, Rah Ahan Team participated in the Champion Games of Tehran for the second time and it was the third and the last participation of this team in the season 1941. Incidence of the Second World War led to closing the sports activities including the new-established Rah Ahan Club.  In 1950`s, the operations of this club was limited to workers sports. In the first years of 1950`s, this club resumed its operations in the field of football with more effort than ever. The Period of formation of Rah Ahan Football was in the first years of 1950`s with a team named “Pirooz” that exercised in the barren fields around the Rah Ahan Station and its players were the children of the staff of the Rah Ahan Station. Activities of this team became firmer with the attendance of Mr. Rasoul Madadnoee who had come from Tabriz since 1954 and some other players joined this team in which was Mr. Ali Jabbari who was the most well-known. This team is known as the forerunner of the new Period of football of Rah Ahan in the history of sports of this club that succeeded to ascend from the group 2 to the group 1 from among well-known teams in 1957. But the new regulation of the football Federation based on forbidding the exclusive clubs (affiliated with the state organizations) from participating the games of Tehran Clubs in order that the integrated team of the locomotive drivers become dissolved and its players join other teams.

Period of Rebirth

Activities of Rah Ahan Team in its second Period begins since the first years of 1960`s. In 1962, new regulations were approved by which exclusive clubs could participate in the games of Tehran Clubs with new names and by receiving general license. Based on this principle, clubs such as “Pas” and “Oghab” were established and participated in the games. But Rah Ahan club should have started from the group 2 for the second time and participated in the group 2 games of Tehran in 1965. In the final game of group 2 which was held on 01.10.1965, Rah Ahan won the game played with Shahrbani Team with two goals scored by Mr. Nayeb Rooindel and Mr. Mohammad Eshaghzadeh, with the result of 1-2 and beside this championship, Rah Ahan ascended to group 1. Following attendance in group 1 of Tehran in its first participation, Rah Ahan gained the eighth place and the next year gained the fifth grade. In the games of Tehran Clubs in 1969, following two results of equities with Shahrbani Team, Rah Ahan was eliminated in the one forth final stage based on head or tail.

Period of Ascending & Declining

1970`s were the beginning of a new Period in the history of football of Rah Ahan. After establishing Takht Jamshid League, Rah Ahan was one of the teams of Tehran that was admitted in this league. Locomotive Drivers Team gained its best place in the history of the league in its first experience of participation in the league and gained the seventh place. Following gaining the ninth place in the season of 1974, Rah Ahan declined to the group 2 being placed in the 15th place in the season of 1975, but the league of the group 2 returned to the league of Takht Jamshid with effort and through achieving championship. In the same year and in the first round of elimination cup of the state, Rah Ahan caused surprise and progressed as a group 2 to the one forth final stage and lost the game before “Pas”. In the season of 1977, Rah Ahan experienced its poorest playing in the league and gained 11 points out of 30 games and declined to the group 2 again as the last team of the table. Rah Ahan was the top in the group 2 league of the year 1978 when the games were closed due to occurrence of Islamic Revolution.

Period of Black Cat

Rah Ahan did not gain any place in the first official games which were held in the name of Shahid Espandi Cup after the victory of Islamic Revolutionarily. In 1980 that was the selective games of Tehran clubs, Rah Ahan succeeded to ascend to the group 1 with coaching of Mr. Naser Ebrahimi. The heart of the matter was that among the 112 teams participating in these games, Rah Ahan was the only team that did not receive any goals in seven games. In February of the same year in the elimination cup games of Tehran, Rah Ahan defeated both Estaghlal and Persepolis Teams and received the nickname of “Black Cat” from the spectators! The successes of the Black Cat went on at the first years of 1980`s and gained the fifth place in Tehran Clubs which was the best place of this team in 1980`s. Next year, despite gaining the ninth place in Tehran Clubs, Rah Ahan was admitted to the final games in the elimination cup and it is interesting that during which Rah Ahan defeated Esteghlal, although t was defeated by Persepolis.

Period of Drop

The gradual dropping Period of the Rah Ahan began since 1984, in a way that Rah Ahan only had gained 1 point out of 6 games and was placed in the 18th place before the games were closed in that year. Rah Ahan was an average team in the second half of 1980`s and the best result of this team was the 7th place gained in 1988. In 1990, being placed in the 17th place, Rah Ahan declined to the group 2 of Tehran Clubs and passed two seasons in the lower group. It is worth mentioning that Rah Ahan progressed in the elimination cup of the state up to one forth final stage in the year it declined, although it was finally defeated by “Pas”. In 1993, having bought the concession of Bonyad Shaid Team, Rah Ahan returned to the group 1 again and in 1994, gained the second place of Tehran and became one of the representative of Tehran in the league of the districts.

Period of Fluctuations

Rah Ahan passed 10 seasons in the group 2 league of Azadegan since 1995 to 2004. In the season 1995, having won the games of subgroup of the districts, Rah Ahan was admitted to group 2 league of Azadegan and in its first participation before the teams such as Zob Ahan, Naft Abadan, Shahin Booshehr and Pars Khodro, gained pleasant results. In 1997, was about to ascend but in the final stage, did not succeed to be placed among the 4 teams. Within these years, Rah Ahan ascended to the group 1 league (and then Premier League) with various coaches, but the results were more disappointing year by year. In the season 2004 of Azadegan league, Rah Ahan with the attendance of Mr. Firooz Karimi, was admitted to the final stages of he games with effort and was ascended to the premier league as the second team in order to be placed among the champions of football of Iran after 27 years.

Period of Glorious Return

Rah Ahan was placed in the 13th place in the first participation in the premier league which was a good place for an initiate team. But the second season of participation in the premier league was disappointing in a way that this team passed the whole season in the bottom of the table and finally declined to the Poly F games. Following defeating Shahrdari Bandarabbas Team, Rah Ahan played with another premier league team named “Foolad” in the final games of Poly F and won the game in a 120-minut marathon and remained in the premier league. In the third season of participation in the premier league in the season 2007-2008, Rah Ahan gained the 11th place which was the best place of this team in the premier league. Being admitted into the one forth final stage, successive winnings in the premier league and some valuable winnings out of the club have been some of the successes of Rah Ahan in this season.

آخرین زمان به روز رسانی: 15 آبان 1392
نتیجه نظرسنجی

نامه رسمی باشگاه راه آهن به رئیس هیات فوتبال استان تهران در خصوص قراردادهای سه ساله بازیکنان پایه با باشگاه

به گزارش خبرنگار سایت باشگاه راه آهن سورینت، باشگاه راه آهن طی نامه ای رسمی به رئیس هیات فوتبال استان تهران اعلام کرد که کلیه بازیکنان تیم های پایه این باشگاه دارای قرارداد سه ساله بوده و اجازه فسخ قرار داد و یا انتقال به تیم دیگر به آنها داده نخواهد شد مگر آنکه این موضوع بع تایید، مهر و امضای مدیرعامل باشگاه رسیده باشد. اصل این نامه به پیوست این خبر موجود است.

دو بازیکن نونهالان سورینت به اردوی تیم ملی زیر 14 سال دعوت شدند

به گزارش خبرنگار سایت باشگاه سورینت(راه‌آهن)، در پی تمرینات تیم ملی نونهالان(زیر 14 سال)، کادر فنی این تیم دو نفر از بازیکنان تیم نونهالان سورینت را به اردوی این تیم دعوت کردند.محمد صادق سلطان دهقان(دروازه‌بان) و امیرحسین توانا(هافبک چپ) دو بازیکنی بودند که به اردوی تیم ملی زیر 14 سال دعوت شدند.این اردو قرار است از تاریخ 28 فروردین لغایت 29 فروردین ماه در کمپ تیم های ملی استان تهران برگز

آشوبی: حفظ راه آهن در لیگ برتر کار بزرگی بود / تاکنون چنین همدلی را در یک تیم ندیده بودم

به گزارش سایت باشگاه راه آهن سورینت و به نقل از خبرگزاری فارس، فرزاد آشوبي در خصوص شرايطش در فصلي که در راه‌آهن گذراند، اظهار داشت: فصل خيلي سختي را گذرانديم. هدف‌گذاري ما در ابتداي فصل براي کسب سهميه آسيايي بود اما با توجه به شرايطي که پيش آمد فکر مي‌کنم همين که توانستيم در ليگ باقي بمانيم بدون هيچ حمايت و صرفا با تمرکز و همدلي که بازيکنان با يکديگر داشتند کار بسيار بزرگي انجام داد

گزارش تصویری

برتری ذوب آهن مقابل راه آهن سورینت در هفته پایانی لیگ سیزدهم / رتبه یازدهمی پایان کار راه آهنی ها در لیگ(گزارش تصویری)توقف پرسپولیس مقابل راه آهن در روز عزت بازیکنان راه آهن سورینت (گزارش تصویری)برتری ارزشمند راه آهن سورینت مقابل استقلال صنعتی در روزی که سه امتیاز بازی منجر به بقای راه آهن شد(گزارش تصویری)تمرین سورینتی ها  در آستانه سال جدید(گزارش تصویری)برتری صبای قم مقابل راه آهن سورینت در یک دیدار تدارکاتی(گزارش تصویری)تمرین تیم فوتبال سورینت پیش از بازی تدارکاتی با گسترش فولاد تبریز(گزارش تصویری)

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